Better Earth

Our Inspiration

It began with hair taken from an elephant, one of the most powerful and majestic creatures to walk the earth. It was then woven by hand, intricate and delicate knots crafted, until a bracelet formed. Finally, it was gifted, bestowing good fortune on the wearer. 

We were inspired to create Giwa Jewelry after a trip to Africa. While traveling across the continent, we continued to hear stories about this legendary bracelet. A connection to nature and the environment has always been important to us. We wanted to make a bigger commitment to protect and preserve the planet while encouraging others to find that connection with nature, too.

Our Design

Our Design

Our goal is to craft a design that makes an impact and an impression. The four knots that unify our Giwa bracelets symbolize the Four Elements of Nature that keep the planet in balance.

When you wear a Giwa bracelet, our Four Knots are a reminder to keep your mind and body connected and in balance with nature. 


Our Mission

Our mission is to create beautiful jewelry that makes you feel good about what you’re wearing. That means we’re committed to giving back by partnering with nonprofit organizations that support the planet. When you purchase a piece of Giwa Jewelry, choose a nonprofit organization that “represents” one of the Four Elements of Nature, and we’ll donate a percentage of your purchase directly to them. To learn more about our partner organizations and how they are helping the environment, go here. 

Our Craftsmanship

Rather than using elephant hair though, we use conflict-free precious metals.  Every bracelet is handmade in the USA, and we crimp, solder, and weld each piece by hand. Each delicate knot is wrapped individually, meaning no knot is the same, not even on the same piece.