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Designed to make an impression
and an impact.

Connection - Our Giwa design is rooted in a legend that’s thousands of years old. The four knots symbolize fire, water, earth, and air––the four elements of nature that keep earth in balance. Wear our handcrafted pieces and renew your connection with the natural world. 
Commitment  - Committing to protect the environment from harm is something we can do together. We’ve partnered with four different non-profit organizations that align with the four elements of nature. Make a purchase, choose which organization you want us to give back to, and commit to a better earth. 
Community - We believe there’s strength in numbers. Whether you wear Giwa jewelry, join us on social, or donate time and funds to our non profit partners, you’ll be part of a community that’s dedicated to preserving the planet. 
give back
Four Elements of Nature. Four Nonprofits. Every portion of your Giwa Jewelry purchase benefits an organization that helps the planet. Choose how you want to give back.
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