Clean Air Council
The Clean Air Council is an environmental health advocacy organization fighting for everyone’s right to a healthy environment. Protecting people’s health from the harmful impacts of pollution has always been the Council’s  primary goal.

Public Education

The Council is committed to providing  the public straightforward, factual information on environmental issues, allowing them to make timely and informed decisions. The Council  staff works to empower concerned residents and helps them fight for improved environmental health, especially in Black and Brown communities working to fight for environmental justice.
Clean Air Protests

Community Action  

The Council is committed to ensuring all residents have a meaningful voice on government policies and actions that impact their health,  quality of life, and local ecosystems. The Council  works to promote engaged and active residents committed to demanding a healthy environment through advocacy, community organizing, and environmental  health initiatives.


Environmental racism in policy-making and regulations has targeted communities of color for decades, and the Council supports Brown and Black leaders in their fight for environmental justice and better health protection. The Council is committed to holding elected officials accountable for environmental threats happening in neighborhoods throughout the state.
The Council  works with our members and the public to hold our elected officials and policy makers accountable for the policies they support that harm public health and the environment. We strongly believe that good environmental policy must be based on good science.

Clean Air Accountability


The Council is committed to making sure that environmental laws truly protect public health and the environment and are fully enforced by public agencies like the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Environmental Protection. We stand as an opposing force to underfunded bureaucracy, apathetic bureaucrats, and corporate interests that derail good environmental policies.


Clean Air Council is the oldest and most trusted environmental and public health organization in Pennsylvania and the surrounding areas. The Council has been fighting for the public’s right to a healthier environment since 1967. This was before the Clean Air Act and the Environmental Protection Agency were established, and the Council was involved in the first Earth Day celebration in Philadelphia.