Frequently Asked Questions



Giwa™ Jewelry is fabricated out of solid .925 Sterling Silver or 14K gold fill, is hypoallergenic and should not react with people sensitive to metal alloys.

We bend, solder, weld, and hand-wrap this jewelry right here in the USA. Each piece is unique.

As a company that promotes the protection of the environment, we understand it’s our duty to stand by our mission. All of our raw metal suppliers are members of the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC), an international organization committed to promoting responsible and ethical human rights and social and environmental practices in the jewelry supply chain. Our gold suppliers are certified conflict free.

For silver products, clean your jewelry periodically with a silver jewelry cloth and/or any other silver jewelry cleaner you are happy with. For all gold-fill products, simply rinse in fresh water occasionally and use a jewelers cloth - no solution necessary!

Your Giwa™ bracelet will effortlessly expand and contract to the size of your wrist, thanks to our claspless fitting mechanism. Wearing your bracelet often will enhance its comfort and fit.

Choose the best size for your wrist by cupping your hand and measuring the circumference at your knuckles in inches. If the sizes below don’t work for you, contact us directly for custom sizing.

  • Small Bracelets: Will fit wrists between 3.5” - 6.25”
  • Medium Bracelets: Will fit wrists between 6.25” - 7.25”
  • Large Bracelets: Will fit wrists between 7.25” - 8”

Open and close your bracelet by sliding the knots apart and then back together. You should always slide the knots as a pair; this helps keep them from binding.

Shipping and Returns

At Giwa™ Jewelry, our jewelry is handcrafted and is usually shipped within one week of your order. You can expect to receive your item(s) between 2-10 days. Click here to see our full shipping policy.

Yes, you have 30 days from time of purchase to contact us for a return or exchange. Click here to read our full Return Policy.

This is completely normal. After wearing your Giwa™ bracelet for a significant time, the knots can start to loosen up on the strands because the tension diminishes.

To tighten your bracelet, follow these steps:

  • Get a pair of pliers (or similar tool).
  • Put a cloth or towel between the pliers and your bracelet to protect the metal.
  • Gently squeeze down on the knots to increase the tension between the knots and the strands. Be sure not to squeeze too hard and lock your knots super tight. Take your time with this.

Make sure to get the bend out! It’s important to do this sooner than later because if you leave the “kinked strand” while continuously sliding the knot over it, the wire could break. It’s the same idea behind bending a piece of paper back and forth along the same bend; after some time, the paper eventually rips in half.

Use a pair of pliers to gently work the bend out and straighten out the wire. Be sure to put a cloth or towel between the pliers and your bracelet to protect the metal.