Conservation Lands Foundation

The Conservation Lands Foundation protects, restores, and expands America’s newest system of public lands, called National Conservation Lands, through education, advocacy, and partnerships.

National Conservation Lands – 36 million acres and 2,400 river miles of protected National Monuments, National Conservation Areas, Wild & Scenic Rivers, and National Scenic & Historic Trails – are found throughout the West and Alaska. They are critical for climate resilience, clean air and water, healthy communities, joyful recreation, biological diversity, and the preservation of cultural resources.

It is essential that these lands are protected and stewarded for the health and well-being of our planet, and current and future generations.

Grassroots Partnerships & Allyships

To harness collective conservation power, the Conservation Lands Foundation leads a national movement of community-based advocates focused on the protection, expansion, and stewardship of their local public lands. Called the Friends Grassroots Network, these 80+ community-based groups hold the know-how and passion to fight for the lands they love – and the Conservation Lands Foundation helps them to achieve their goals.

The Conservation Lands Foundation is committed to joining and elevating the voices and perspectives of Indigenous and historically underrepresented communities, whose relationships with the land are vital to durable conservation.

Protection in Action

Protection in Action Extractive development, overuse, irresponsible visitation, and climate change threaten the integrity and intactness of these lands. Today, our public lands need us now more than ever.

Join their mission to protect some of the nation’s most valuable public lands and waterways - because when we protect the land, we protect our future.

Conservation Lands Foundation